My heart is one with the black, not the white; with the Jew, not the Nazi; with the Palestinian, not the Israeli; with the Kurd, not the Turk; with the woman, not the man; with the queer, not the straight; with the trans, not the cis; with the oppressed, never the oppressor.


This is 100% tribalist approach. You basically assume every single Palestinian or black person is morally superior to every Jew or white simply because is particular places there's overrepresentation of one group among opressed. This is precisely the approach that leads to partisanship and fuels conflicts forever, because we focus on person's identity rather than their actions.

@aral @kravietz I agree with you too.

If I get things this was exactly how oppressive groups behaved over history. One group thinking they are better than others. Is it worth pointing out that Oskar Schindler was a Nazi and yet he SAVED people…

May help with the argument, I am sure there were other NAZIs who defied the regime and actually helped people too.
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