The multi-tenant web is the Big Tech web is the surveillance capitalism web. You’re not going to win at their game.

The single tenant web is the Small Web. Want to help reshape the topology of communication (and thus politics) in the 21st century? Look there.

Site.js is a tool for developers to build the small web.

Here’s a sneak peek at the next version of the Site.js web site. It’s running with Site.js on my laptop and exposed via ngrok so might not be up for long:

@adamprocter PS. Here, I just started my local server just for you: ;)

(I’m leaving it for today so it should be up until tomorrow unless I forget and push my machine to sleep) :)


@adamprocter Actually, I should probably put it to sleep. I’ll probably have the new site up tomorrow :)

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@aral I couldn’t find the tunnel when I tried. But it was before this toot 🤪

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