So Trump’s people have started firing people at Open Technology Fund (OTF).

How’d I hear about it? Because Greenhost (an EU-based web host), funded by OTF, provides free hosting for Small Technology Foundation and now that’s at risk.

More details in this news article:

Sign the petition:

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Also, why the fuck does the hosting for our not for profit, provided by an EU company, have to be contingent on funding from a US institution to begin with?

Pull your heads out of your asses, EU, and fund the people working to protect your freedoms. Before Trump and his fascists fuck you up.

And if you’d like to contribute to our rainy day hosting fund, please don’t let me stop you:

@aral Thought: the EU is afraid. If I am not mistaken only two countries managed to regain their gold reserves from America, Germany and Turkey🙂

@der_On @aral wtf-- this so-called "" site is running on #CloudFlare. Run away from those hypocrits!

@aral These twentytwenty problems are getting really out of hand. This is going to be noted the most absurd year in history in school books, I believe.

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