OK, WTF? I just discovered that an HDMI cable connected to a USB-C port on my computer can power the tiny Lilliput HDMI monitor that normally needs/has a power adapter. WTF? How is it powering it over HDMI? *looks around the room in fear*

@aral Ok, I've had cursed usb configs before... but that's a new one on me. wow.


@feonixrift Yeah, imagine my surprise when I realised the adapter wasn’t plugged in and the screen was still on.

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@dredmorbius @aral
DVD player requiring double USB power... plugged into transformer laptop with one USB plug, the other USB plugged into a power converter. Transformer laptop plugged via a USB into a 9v charger atop same converter. Converter plugged into power strip. Everything working fine... power strip is not in the wall.

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