To understand the origins of Site.js and why I’m developing it, read this from January, 2019:

Also see the Small Technology principles:

And get started building the Small Web in under a minute at:

@aral I agree that this makes a lot of sense as a consumer, specially if you’re not familiar with the stack … at the same time I see value in learning how to deploy and maintain a project yourself. Lately I’ve been doing interviews and plenty of the people applying don’t know much of the underlying infrastructure because they are used to “offload the complicated tasks” and therefore don’t really understand the right place in the stack to solve a problem.

@aral setting up a mastodon instance, was quite straight forward for me but then again I’m a Ruby backend dev so I was just doing what I already have done plenty of times, I can see how it would frustrate someone who’s not used to the stack

@aral last but not least, kudos on the development of I think it’s really cool to have an easier entry for people getting started … I remember doing my first website on GeoCities and if it would have had a harder to get started with it I might have never gotten into web development in the first place

@mr Thanks, Mauro, appreciate the validation. Means a lot :)

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