Do you use uBlock Origin? Did you know that you can use the Better Blocker block list on it?

Just add the rules from here:

PS. If you have other rule sets, I’d recommend not mixing them as we go to great pains to ensure that we don’t break sites while protecting your/our privacy. If you are mixing rulesets, we can’t help you if things break :)

(Of course, you can also use the Better Blocker blocking rules with any blocker that uses WebKit Content Blocker lists:

@Shamar If it can use EasyList format lists or WebKit content blocker lists ( it should be.

@aral Nice to know, I'll give a shot 😃
Do you know if we can use it already in a Pi-Hole ?

@danslerush I would have thought so but @rom on Twitter reported that it doesn’t:

Afaik, there isn’t an EasyList format validator that I can check with and I don’t have a Pi-Hole to test with.

@aral OK, I'm in the process of moving so it won't be for a while but as soon as I put a Pi-Hole back in place I'll do some tests and tell you 🖖🤓 (BlockerList just put in my uBlock)

@danslerush Thanks. The author of uBlock origin chimed in on Twitter and apparently there is an issue with the syntax. I’ll look into it when I next have time to devote to Better.

@aral The attitude I normally take is that if I can't make a website work without disabling lots of protections, then do I *really* want the site to work at all? Because if all this stuff designed to stop trackers and spyware from working is stopping this whole site from working...

@aral he he he... I thought it was a browser agnostic add on (or extension). It's oriented to Apple products, isn't it?

Well, actually it's not considered good practice if your list conflicts with the user's existing ones. If you find your list so exemplary and wonderful, it would be your job to take care the lists are merged, not conflicting.

Hence: Thx for the offer, but I rather absatin.

@birne I’m absolutely heartbroken that you will not use our freely available list that we painstakingly maintain at our tiny two-person self-funded not-for-profit to ensure a good experience for people while trying to protect them best we can from the sewer that is the world wide web under surveillance capitalism but I will try – somehow – to recover

@aral I added it today. Well see how it goes. Cheers.

Say, this block list linked somewhere on the Better Blocker website?

I've helped some people set up their (Windows) computers recently and wanted to import the Better blocklist to uBlock Origin, but had a hard time finding that URL through -- ended up digging up this toot and taking the link from there...

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