Here’s the video of my talk “Beyond surveillance capitalism: alternatives, stopgaps, Small Web, and Site.js.” from Creative Mornings Istanbul on Friday.

Edited to fix the audio sync issue, add captions, chapters, and links to all the mentioned tools, etc.

Enjoy + please share! :)

@RaoOfPhysics Thanks, man. I plan to record a few videos about it. But till then: Sony a6400 with Sigma f1.4 16mm lens. FalconEyes RX24-TDX with diffuser and honeycomb (magic) :) Magewell 4K Plus + OBS (works but would not recommend due to fan noise. Will grab an Atem Mini Pro when they come back into stock) + Yeticaster (just off camera, aimed at my mouth from the top – didn’t check levels like a rookie and screwed them up hence the clipping during parts). That’s about it, I think.

@shellkr Thanks! Just getting started with the livestreaming stuff. My goal (as with in-person talks) is that hopefully the tech recedes into the background so the message can come across :) transparent technology indeed !

Technology should be made mundane, it should disappear, should become 'transparent' so learners can see through it and into the real purpose which is their learning. (Wheeler, 2015)

@aral ok but do we have it call it small web? i don't think it will catch on, what about we call it webiez pronounced web E zzzzz

btw if you couldn't tell that is just a joke :)

@aral I just have watched your talk right now and I really enjoyed it!

However, at first sight, I found your site.js demo a bit complex and 'not for everyone', but really, really interesting if you have some previous knowledge.

Thank you very much for your video and for sharing it!

@tachan Thanks. Site.js is definitely for developers. But the things we can make with Site.js will be for everyday people who use technology as an everyday thing :)

@aral I completely agree with you when you say we need to build a distributed web away of those big techs. One thing people do not use to say is that, beside privacy and social control, the power consumption of those huge data centers is becoming an environmental problem, and I think that your approach of one person-one server is good to fight the oversized web we are currently using. Specially after the small card-sized boards like #raspberrypi.

For a first, it's a real success.

You are impressively good and clear. (and have the stamina to speak non-stop for an hour 😮 )

This gave me a good framework on how to build a convincing discourse around resistance to surveillance capitalism.

Plus the part on digital world being the arena of the fight for human rights reminded me the importance of the fight.

Especially thank you for the discovery of


Also, not thank you for making me want to buy a Pinephone when I already have a working phone at home.

(Launching VSCode on your PineBook, really? I'm sure you meant VSCodium at least..)

@e_jim Yep, I did mean VSCodium. Good catch. And I should have made that distinction :)

@e_jim Very happy to read this :) Especially the bit about the framework :)


@aral Thank you for this. In your presentation, you mentioned several resources that I would never have thought to even think of looking up.

@aral Great! If you like #pinephone then check out #librem5 by @purism as well -- more expensive but also more ambitious.

@aral this is true about the fedi too, actually, just different kind of trap.

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