✅ Lights!
✅ Camera!
✅ Watch live at:

@LauraKalbag on using the web for social good.

Starts in about five minutes.

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@aral Viewers will likely need to disable their adblockers and Firefox's tracking protection for the stream to load 👍

@amolith Bloody hell… I was able to watch with Better enabled on iOS but ffs!

@aral I looked around for a minute and the issue was simply the difference between choosing to block "Cross-site and social media trackers" and "All third-party cookies". The former works and the latter breaks.

@aral I missed listening to the live stream, but I was able to watch the recording at

@laura : It was a good talk, and I'm glad I had a chance to catch up on it. Thank you!

I had missed it too because of different timezone. Thanks for the link @kcoram. I've started to watch the lecture now.
@aral @laura

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