For the next three weeks, @LauraKalbag and I will be mentoring the teams taking part in the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Online Hackathon (

Our focus will be on steering the teams away from the tools of surveillance capitalists like Google, etc., to Small Technology.


So, ironically, let’s start with the event’s web site itself.

First piece of advice: the Reject button on the cookie notice should NOT take you to This is both a violation and a slap in the face of anyone who cares about their privacy.

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Looking forward to introducing ourselves during the kick off today at 2PM Irish time and to challenging the participants and organisers to think outside of the surveillance capitalism / Big Tech box.

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@aral I would bet you was ironic... But yes, the reject button really leads to😀

@aral somebody in their team must have remembered what it is like to say you are not over 18 on a porn website.


Funny thing is, 10 seconds ago I was thinking how nice that they even have a 'Reject' button, as opposed to most sites' "We track you; fuckin' deal with it" button...

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