We live in a world where Trump, Bolsonaro, Orbán, Duterte, Erdoğan, and Johnson lead nations. This is a damning indictment of hierarchical/centralised politics and governance structures. Unless we devolve our means of exercising political agency, expect more of the same.

@meetdheeraj Sadly, it was originally a tweet and there are only so many characters.

@aral Xi and Modi here in Asia too. They are all leading the world to destruction.


Destruction is not the most probable outcome. Slavery is.

They are building a world of slaves that pretend to be free. Slaves unaware of their own oppression, so that they can support it instead of fighting.

In the long run this will produce an evolutive pressure that will split humanity in two species: a dominant one and a remissive one.


@aral could you describe " we devolve our means of exercising political agency" using a sequence diagram? I would like to know actors, actions and so.

@aral You realise that Trump, Bolsonaro, Orbán, Duterte, Erdoğan, and Johnson are all popularly elected leaders?

@Korsier @aral yes, but I think that's partly the point: the amount of Democratic participation is minimal and very broad: there are lots of reasons to vote for e.g. Boris, but that doesn't make the voting block homogenous. Those diverse views could be better represented with more decentralized governance (hopefully).

@douginamug @aral Sure, that's a limitation of representative democracy. But the OP specifically names conservative leaders as being a problem.

@aral @douginamug By using perjoratives like "autocratic, far-right" I understand that this is about you not liking who the people elected rather than any specific problem with democracy. Is that right?

@Korsier @douginamug It is exactly what I wrote in the toot. I’m sorry but I really don’t have time to deal with deliberate obtuseness.

@Korsier Yes, that is exactly my point (also, they are “democractically” elected – the meaning of that term being pliable – but Trump, for example, did not win the popular vote.)

@aral By using the term "democratically" elected are you suggesting that these leaders (or at least their parties) did not get a majority of the vote? For a democracy to work the losing side has to accept the will of the electorate.

@aral do you have concrete ideas on how to improve democracy?

@aral I completely support these demands. Only difference: I'd say we need to save democracy (to remain free) and capitalism (to not become poor). Well, I also deny surveillance capitalism and neo-liberalism. That is not the only way capitalism can be established.

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