Laura recorded a short video on accessibility yesterday.

The setup / the shot.

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@aral Unrelated: ah, to put one's bare feet on the carpet and feel its massage on one's soles. :D


The shot is superb !

Very nice colors on the background !

@labellaragassa Thanks, Sophie.

Head is mush now so I’m going to finish preparing tomorrow :)

@aral I like the idea of putting laptop with prompter behind the camera but in line-of-sight.

@avolkov Yeah, it’s a good trick that works on stage too. I don’t normally use a teleprompter but it has my presenter display on it with the current and next slide. That’s all I need to remind me where I am and keep the narration flowing :) The idea is that it should be in your periphery, so you don’t have to look at it in earnest.

@aral This looks absolutely fantastic. Well done! Also the teleprompter solution, loving it as well.

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