Either I can’t find it or there’s no “fork” command on the “mobile view” of GitHub and they seem to have removed the option to switch to the desktop view (wtf, folks, it’s 2020, this is not how you design a web site).

Anyway, so one way to fork a repo from a phone is to choose the “Create new file” command. That will fork it for you (you don’t have to actually complete the process to create a new file).

@aral what I'm reading here: GitHub is burning their usability and playing with their users! Run, run fast, to a different platform like #sourcehut or @codeberg


@phel @codeberg We only use it to publish to and to get issues/pull requests from people who are on there. Our canonical repos are at source.small-tech.org :)

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@aral @phel @codeberg I'm not a coder, but: publishing, issues, pull requests – is basically everything important right? o_0

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