It would really help the Small Web if Let’s Encrypt offered TLS certificates for IP addresses.

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@NeoTheThird Interesting approach :) Thanks for the heads up!

I disagree. IP addresses can change without the intent/permission of the host. They are controlled by the ISP, not the owner of the domain. It's is correct to issue certificates to the domain rather than the IP address. Your proposal would only serve to weaken internet privacy and security, I believe.

@aral Everybody is throwing solutions, but nobody asked why, so: why do you think that would help? (I suppose because the centralized nature of domain registrars).

I think we need some kind of decentralized alternative to DNS.

@aral in a sense Tor's .onion adresses (albeit not easy to remember) provide some kind of decentralized name system. A Tor module for site.js might be cool.

@aral all the other decentralized dns solutions seem to mention cryptocurrency :p

@metabever @aral

We have one: .onions.

It costs $ to get a domain name. And where does the $ go? To a system that is de facto under control of ICE/the US government. No thanks. I'll keep my .onion thx.

@metabever Because I’m working on trying to get everyone on the planet their own secure place on the Interweb and it would be easier if I could do that with IP addresses instead of domain names.

@aral why do you think that is easier than domain names? IP addresses change and are harder to memorize.

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