Was looking through the @elementary web site and came across a link to an EU store where you can get a laptop with linux called, erm, Laptop With Linux.

Neat site:


@aral @elementary i wish i knew about this website since i used a lot of time trying to find linux compatible laptop that isn't too expensive so i decieded to just build one instead but if i knew about this website i could just have bought one

Can also recommend Tuxedo in that regard. They're based in Germany but sell internationally.
... and if I had known what machines they were going to offer this summer, and that my travel plans for May and beyond were going to be completely cancelled, I'd probably not have bought a regular Windows laptop in March on which I had to set Linux up myself ...

@aral @elementary

Yeah, Tuxedo tends towards the higher end. I think their machines are probably worth it but that doesn't change anyone's budget :(

But both Laptopwithlinux and Tuxedo are within the EU, so unless you're in the Netherlands (LWU) or Germany (Tuxedo), shipping costs should be the same.
@aral @elementary

@Aral Balkan Thanks for the finding. Didnt know about this company. I will remember them when it comes to replacing my laptop. Why is none of them with track point! It's the single thing that keeps me with thinkapds.

@aral @elementary Not bad, a little cheaper than Tuxedo, more distros, less models. We need more alternatives!

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