In honour of Mozilla renewing its half-billion dollar deal with surveillance capitalist Google to continue protecting your privacy, we will be launching Greenzilla to protect the environment funded by half a billion dollars from ExxonMobil.

@aral When I saw the "we will be launching Greenzilla" I immediately thought you'd be forking Firefox. I guess the middle of the night is not a good time for reading comprehension. Got my hopes up a little early :blobsad:

@me Sorry :)

But a non-commercial fork of Firefox by an independent non-governmental organisation paid for with our taxes would be a good thing. The world needs a browser for the common good.

@aral @me well instead of complaining of Google's monopoly the EU Commission could subsidize Mozilla for all the public service they do (including MDN which documents even other browsers)

@aral @mmu_man @me Instead of pushing a chromium-based browser that doesn't even run on linux:

@erm67 @mmu_man @me Fucking hell those clueless bureaucrats! This is what they’re funding? Idiots. Bloody idiots.

*walks off mumbling to himself*

@mmu_man @me Subsidise a corporation that’s entirely funded by surveillance capitalism? I’d fight that tooth and nail. If they shut down the for-profit corporation and agreed to never take another penny from surveillance capitalists like Google and Baidu, sure. But then they’d neither need half a billion dollars nor would they be the same organisation anymore so it’s much easier to create a new one, with a proper ethical constitution, from the start.

@aral @me Maintaining a browser is way too expensive to be done by a non-profit.Sadly, web standards have become so broad that they are impossible to properly implement. Also, they are constantly changing, requiring a ton of engineering to stay relevant.

@dreeg @me With all due respect: bullshit. Non-profit does not mean without funding. We could fund an organisation with taxpayer money to do this. And it wouldn’t take half a billion dollars a year either.

@aral @me
Non governmental and paid by taxes are kinda opposite.
Also no government would do that because the majority of people don't understand the role played by Mozilla.

@aral @me
I took a look at what you're doing with the smalltech foundation and I really support what you're doing!

When it comes to web browsers the problem with having a non-profit developing one is that the scope of the web standards are too broad to be implemented without significant source of funding. Mozilla does more than just developing a browser, they negotiate standards and all.

@aral Even if your hypothetical Greenzilla was a thing, I think that redirecting a flow of money from shit companies to better ones is not the worst thing if it keeps its independence. It's still better than nothing.

@primalmotion You should tell Greenpeace (and I’ll call Facebook and Google now so we can stop being idiots and struggling with precarity to protect our independence and principles). Thanks, man, was very helpful.

@aral Aggressive and full of grand principles. I've been where you are. You'll go nowhere. You'll realize that eventually.

@primalmotion I know. One day I’ll grow up and vote conservative too.

@aral You think I'm a conservative? Get your shit together man. You are embarrassing yourself.

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