Site.js version 14.5.1 released

This release introduces wildcard routes. Specialise the behaviour of your pages using only client-side JavaScript while making use of path fragments as arguments without having to define your routes manually.

(It’s much easier to understand with an example.)

Documentation + example:

Get started at:

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@icedquinn Wow, that’s not good at all. Which platform/browser is that on? This is what I’m seeing (attached) on Pop!_OS 20.04 under all browsers.

@icedquinn Thanks. I just tried substituting every font in the cascade to see if one of the typefaces was misbehaving but couldn’t reproduce. Will try with Consolas as well as that’s the only one I don’t have. Will also put it on my todo list to test with Alpine. Thank you for the heads up!

@aral i think it has to do with what the font hinting settings are in GTK.
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