Interesting: we’ve received pushback on our submission of to the Public Suffix List maintained as a public resource by Mozilla because our not-for-profit organisation is too small?

This must be a misunderstanding.

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Good news: has been merged onto the Public Suffix List. So when it launches, anyone will be able to create their own (Small Web) site at <domain> just like at any Top-Level Domain (like .com, .org., etc.)

(Only—unlike commercial domains—we can do it without charging for domains. And it takes seconds to set up. Otherwise, it will work like any other domain so cookies, etc., will be scoped to your domain for security, etc.)

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@aral while I see the point you try to make, I don't think the way you wrote your argument really helps to solve the questionasked there. It probably would be better to just point to the sitejs npm page or alike, to show that this is not a project that will die off tomorrow because you found something better to do with your time.

just went to have a look, and saw this:
>>dnsguru approved these changes 7 minutes ago<<

would seem as if they indeed misread your message and thought the domain was only going to serve the two of you. I guess the Mozilla people are probably rather stressed out these days...

@Mr_Teatime Thanks for the heads up. Here’s hoping there won’t be any other issues. Although I’m not counting my pull requests until they’re merged ;)

@aral Thanks, Aral.
Quick stupid question from a newbie: does it works like some kind of DDNS service or something? Or is it a TLD one can choose when setting up a domain in a hosting?

You're doing great!

What is your plan for the abuses that may happen with such a service? Will you block some domains from being registered if it points to illegal/immoral content?

Are there some idiot-proof instructions available for me to follow to get a domain name?
Thanksin advance

@mark Hi Mark, it will be an entirely seamless process the moment we launch. Still working on it :)

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