Just finished Dishonored 2 after about 42 hours of play and WOW what a game! Don’t remember the last time I finished a game thinking “I can’t wait to play this through again!”

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@aral I've always wondered if this was worth picking up. I guess it holds up well? I'll have to give it a shot some time.

@artemis If you’d have told me that a first-person game could be this immersive and have such great storytelling, I wouldn’t have believed you. Love that you can tackle things multiple ways, really rewards exploration, and the level design is so superb that it truly feels like an open world even through it’s not. One of the best games I’ve ever played :)

@aral Wow, that sounds perfect! I love immersive singleplayer games a lot.

@aral @artemis you could look into other immersive sims. Dunno if you've played things like the classic Deus Ex or its newer installments. Those are a nice play s as well, if you like cyberpunkish science fiction

@aral @artemis Dishonored stands on the shoulders of the original Thief video game series. They may feel a little austere now but they set the expectations for immersive first person stealth games.

@hypolite @aral @artemis Yes! Also, of course, the first Deus Ex. And System Shock 2.

I'm waiting for my new machine to play Dishonored 2... Maybe 10 days more... uuugh

@aral I loved the first game and wanted to look into the second one at some point. The art style and world design of the first one was very nice.
Thanks for bringing it up on my radar again, hehe

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