Very odd: faint high-pitched noise from my Dell XPS 13 when plugged into an external monitor with its own display off goes away when its own display is turned on. Tested under Pop!_OS 20.04.

(Documenting it here in case anyone else runs into it.)


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High pitched noise from the monitor is usually a sign the GPU is pushing to high a frequency. It also can signal a deficiency in the monitor, due to age or quality or defect. Left too long like this and the monitor will soon be toast.

@retiredguru Odd thing is, the high pitched noise is coming from the laptop *when its screen is off* but it’s connected to an external monitor (not from the external monitor). When the laptop’s screen is on also, no noise. Odd.

@aral @retiredguru

Check it with some other external screens (even TVs!), to see if it's not just the monitor you used to send back "something".

@aral I think it's called "coil whine", it's been notoriously bad on the XPS lineup. I had it on my 9360

@angristan @aral definitely sounds like coil whine - and yeah, typically it's avoided by turning on more stuff/enabling displays/increasing power usage.

🤷 idk why, an electronics expert could probably answer it correctly - I guess it's because the electricity is being restricted - I think it's most common with capacitors

@angristan @aral (as in, the noise source is common with capacitors)

Its trying to communicate with the aliens :cate:
Stay away from it :welp:

@aral My XPS 13 does the same thing, it's the "coil whine" I think.

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