Yay, my new computer just arrived: the postmarketOS edition of @PINE64 PinePhone with USB-C dock. Can’t wait to connect this baby to my monitor and keyboard and play with Site.js on it ;)

@aral @PINE64 is that the convergence model? If so, any chance of a review for general purpose use at some point. I'm keen but I also only bought my current phone a few years back and wanted to keep it for 5 before changing.

@aral @PINE64

Very nice!
Still waiting for mine to arrive (europe new shipping process apparently).

@aral @PINE64 How is the phone? I am also thinking to buy it, to get more privacy from using Linux... Please share your feedback!

@aral @PINE64
This seems nice. Would you please share your thoughts about it after a few days? I'm very curious about the user experience.
Have fun :)

@lionel @PINE64 Will do. Just waiting for a few teething problems to be sorted out first :)

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