Site.js version 15.0.0 released

You can now specify named parameters in your DotJS routes via the file name.


1. Create a file at .dynamic/hello_name.js with the following route:

module.exports = (request, response) => {
response.html(`<h1>Hello, ${}!</h1>`)

2. Start a local server (site).

3. Hit https://localhost/hello/Laura to see “Hello, Laura!” in the browser.


Get started:

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@aral hey, noob question: can sitejs be used trhough yunohost?

@stelios Heya, no sorry. The use case of Site.js is one site/app per server. That server could be a Pi Zero or a tiny VPS but the way I’m able to remove a huge amount of the complexity is to make it as focused as possible so we can use convention over configuration and intelligent defaults. So it’s really its own thing when it comes to how it expects to be deployed, etc. This will become even clearer with the Small Web initiative where setting up your own server/app/site becomes < 30 seconds.

@aral feature request, add ZeroSSL plug-in like Let's Encrypt please. Thanks.

@r Just had a quick look at ZeroSSL and it looks like it requires an account in order to do what Let’s Encrypt already does. I don’t see what benefit there would be to having it (especially considering the 100% extra complexity it would add). Sorry, I don’t see this as being in scope for Site.js. (But please feel free to fork and implement it if it is important for you.)

@aral thanks for the feedback. Wondering if the API will make it easy to create without going through the hoops of creating an account. Will explore more. Thanks.

@r From what I read about them, they’ve been bought out and are purely a commercial enterprise so I would be surprised if they made that easy.

@aral really???? wow! Did not know this. Will research more. Thanks.

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