[Work in progress/pre-alpha/dragons, etc.] Just got transparent persistence working on WhatDB? – the tiny, in-memory, write-on-update database I’m building for simple server-side data in Site.js.

If you want to poke around, here it is:

Next: get full test coverage before implementing the querying mechanism :) Quite enjoying this. (But have to keep reminding myself to do the minimum I need for Small Web as there are other things to build too.)

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@ekaitz_zarraga Similar yes but, apart from a slightly different API, the main difference is the first thing I built (what I was just talking about): transparent persistence on updates. TaffyDB is in-memory only and doesn’t handle that.

@aral But taffy's objects are plain json. You could just write a persistence layer on top of what they have (maybe as a plugin?)

@ekaitz_zarraga I also don’t like the syntax. And the underlying problem isn’t a difficult one. It would be more trouble to try and retrofit an existing solution.

@aral if you don't like the syntax there's nothing else to say :D
All this is a matter of taste at the end.

@aral sounds like something pfrassee and those dat people could use. do they have similar? also think 0net came up with similar?

@nergal Actually just stumbled on something the dat folks had built last year called ToiletDB today on Github (although it’s more tuned to their use case with append-only logs, it’s basically the same idea) :)

@aral I added your lib in my repo:

BTW you can see other alternatives, I think neDB is very similar.

@aral I'm actually working on something similar in Python but I need to process tens to hundreds of millions of JSON lines records, which requires a different approach...

@croqaz Indeed. The whole reason behind Site.js is because what works for Big Web/Big Data/etc., isn’t what works or is needed for Small Web.

@croqaz Neat, thanks. Looked at quite a number, including NeDB before starting on this. If anything, WhatDB is going to most likely end up being the most lightweight. It’s a server-side database for a system (Small Web) that doesn’t want servers to be privileged nodes (or, more accurately, to be unprivileged nodes) and encourages data to be kept on the client or e2e-encrypted whenever possible so it is only for small things / org sites.

@aral Sounds great, thanks! I'll keep an eye, it sounds super useful.

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