Design philosophy: do the right thing by default and make the dangerous stuff hard to do accidentally.

Linux philosophy: do the wrong thing that’s also a massive security hole by default and then ridicule the person using it for not knowing the twenty-six command-line options it takes to make it do the right thing securely.

@aral someone on fedi once told me “that’s the cost of freedom”

@zensaiyuki *smh* That’s the reason we don’t have widespread freedom.

@aral do you recommend something else over Linux?

@robby Nope, just venting (in hopes that some folks will re-evaluate their approach to things.)

@El_joa Nothing special. Just wish more free/open folks would recognise that beautiful defaults and consistency are (a) hard to do right and (b) worthwhile if we want more people to use the things we make

@aral can this been tested sandboxed? ask with absolutely no idea

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