How many of you are designing technology where success means that __you__ do NOT scale exponentially? (But that a healthy ecosystem evolves where no one entity has monopolistic control?)


Case in point:

@aral This looks wonderful. I need to workout how I can pivot into a dev career more focussed around these concepts.

@Gaffen Good luck + keep us in the loop :)

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@aral I'm very interested in p2p content discovery atm - why should we rely on search engines/social media? Maybe the webring needs to be brought back? What if you could discover content by affinity group? Need to think on it...
@aral Problem is that "Small business" and "A reiable salary" can be a contradiction in terms! Unfortunately that's the problem I'll need to solve first.
@aral lol I just realised that "SmallWeb" was you! Sorry, I'm mid agency deadline so I'm not quite with it 🤪 Great stuff! I plan to start reorienting at the beginning of next year; so that's when I'll be thinking about these things.

@Gaffen Haha, no worries. Trying to get people thinking and building along those lines, yes :)

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