Building tech for freedom?

Is it intuitive, easy to use, focused, and consistent?

Does it have beautiful defaults?

Is it:

- Private by default?
- Secure by default?
- Usable by default?

@aral you get to pick two of those items not all three.

@aral Yes! Yes! Yes! This is key! So many projects ignore design and pick horrible defaults. In many cases the developer designs the interface as an external representation of their internal code (I'm looking at you iptables and tc). If you understand the code then it makes sense, otherwise *shrug*.

Good design requires empathy. You must think of how someone else would approach your software without understanding the code. If your defaults make a user shoot themselves in the foot, it's a bug.

Question 1) Yes, if you can why not ?
Question 2) Software development can be intuitive if you use the correct tools, easy with the correct languages, focused and consistent if you becomes good at it.
Question 3) Not, but good mathematical and logical foundations
Question 4) Yes if you do it alone in a private place...
Question 5) You can occur in some serial metal breakdown if you don't take a break from time to time.
6) After you have learned you can use your skills by default

@aral most people have no idea if their software is safe. Preventive scanning (CIS) might give owners and idea of how well security and privacy is done. It will not state it is secure but it might state writers/designers looked at it.

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