@aral yes, I was also not really convinced by the narrative and I'm glad to read this (from your link) :

"People within the technology industry have leaned into such techno-utopianism for decades, underplaying how maximizing profits is a major motivating factor for them. As Maria Farrell, an Irish tech writer, argued in March, these “prodigal tech bros” get an extremely easy ride toward redemption"

What they say about evolution is kind of lame too, and inline witht his techno-utopianism

@aral And as I was saying yesterday, what bothers me the most, is the lack of distinction between concept and tools. e.g. they talk all the time about "social network" and facebook as if they were exchangeable, and it gives the impression that using a social network is as bad as using facebook. Same applies for twitter & co.

@aral to me the big issue is people don't present the public with alternatives like #mastodon or #matrix they only present these platforms as a necessary evil. They're not necessary.

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