That feel when you’re making something and you know that regardless of what precautions you take some dickhead somewhere is going to use it for evil.

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@aral if you don't mind giving up on free software there's always ethical source

@aral A tool is a tool, one can use it for good or for bad purposes. Preventing evil uses of a tool is a hard task. It can even make the tool hard to use for everyone, where evil minded folks will find their ways anyway, so why bother ?

@bdubertret @aral

"why would we put locks on our doors, the house might catch fire"

"why would we require safety goggles"

"what do you mean, a blade guard on a rotary saw?! if you don't know better you can't lose a hand more than two times"

(this is a trashpost, so no debate. just accept you're wrong silently. thank you)

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