I sure love the new cookie pop up on GitHub that appears every fucking time now in private browsing mode, don’t you? Thanks, Microsoft!

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@aral Yes, I even wondered if they couldn't do it "bouncing" with strobe light effects 🤔

@aral Nothing to do with Microsoft though, a lot of sites have introduced them recently because of EU legislation.

@Sdfendor @aral why can't they just take the DoNotTrack flag that all browsers with more than 10k users are able to emit as indication that the user does not want to be fucking tracked


"Let's turn the dark patterns of cookie consent banners into bright patterns for the fediverse" …
My Last-Minute-Talk for #ActivityPub Conf #apconf2020

hi @sl007 may I suggest using #deceptionpatterns instead of dark patterns?

I suggested this to IETF, and there is an open poll asking for support (not too well boosted / supported)

#inclusion #diversity



While I try to avoid "black" and "white" which might describe active colors and so I say e.g. "blocklist" and "passlist" I am really unsure, especially as a photojournalist:

For me "dark" and "bright" describe "states of light" as in “Democracy dies in darkness”.
For me it is rather the question if we should describe people by these words.
I got your point and will think more about it!


@sl007 but in photography there is no issue, as there is no association with 'dark === bad, evil', while with dark patterns there is: deception, betrayal, etc.


uBlock origins blocks ads, annoying pop-up, trackers and a lot of things, and gives you the possibility to block element like the addon you're presenting. 👍


Assuming this affects Tor users also. Ugh. There's a reason we tell people to #DeleteGithub

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