Someone made something awesome and powerful and I can’t wait to share it with you this afternoon :)


How normal are you?

Find out with this beautifully-executed and scary online experience:

@aral is it supposed to load forever? I was actually curious to see a result but my face broke the machine.

@aral Chrome. I was using the mobile version too if that helps.

@aral I declared myself normal upon refusing to let a random web site access my camera and closing the page :-)

However, it confirmed what I suspected for a long time. 

I'm a lot more handsome with my hair loose, rather than with it pulled back or without it entirely.



4/10 attractiveness
60% normal overall

Ouch! Fun idea, though!

@aral This is absolutely incredible... amazingly well done tool

@aral I get it: the tool gives an answer by counting the number of fools accepting to enable the cam, and then tells if you're part of a majority – or not.

Did I get that right? 🤩

@mray @aral no that's just one of the stats, it also does some face recognition work and gives other stats.

Hey, I'm prettier than 40% of the Spice Girls!

...not sure if that's supposed to be a good thing...

@aral this is amazing, especially how it thinks i'm "sad" when i'm grinning like a madman

@aral When it says I’m 100% more beautiful than the Spice Girls, does it mean all of them combined?

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