Right, well, closed my UK bank account.

I think that was the last thing I had left to do.


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@joshim Left four years ago; I wasn’t going to wait for the shit to hit the fan before opening my umbrella :) Spent two years in Sweden, now settled in Ireland.

@aral looks like you made a good decision. don't see life improving here any time soon

@joshim Wasn’t an easy one to make after > 15 years of living there but I’m not ready to be a second-class citizen. Fuck the Tories, etc., etc. :)

@aral An independent UK makes no demands on others - what in this could possibly annoy/upset anyone?

The UK government (and political class) desperately wants to remain in the EU because is suits their personal motivations - but the British *people* had the final say and they said 'leave, be independent again'.

Do you despise the British people and their choice to reject unelected rule from Brussels? If so, why?

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