What you are witnessing is the triumph of capitalism over democracy.

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@aral Anything in particular you're thinking of, or just *gestures vaguely at most of the world*

@aral I mean you're not wrong, but also I'd like to think there's still hope.

It's hard though.

@pettter As Banksy once wrote, “there is always hope.”

It’s why I get up every morning and do what I do :)

No, that's wrong. It is the triumph of the modern feudal lords - collecting all the capital accumulated by working people - over democray by corruption.
Captialism is using accumulated work, represented by money to empower new commercial work. The capital originally belongs to those who work.
But, some people have the chuzpe to declare the fruits of other people's work their own because of god's will, arms, declaration of power or other weird ideas. That's feodalism...

@Datenschutzgeno @aral
If they gained their feudal position through capitalism, is it then not suitable to call it a outcome of capitalism?

What you call feudalism is what someone else calls late-stage-capitalism.

@kingannoy @aral
No, there is a big difference:
e.g. co-operatives like ours or Mondragon use the capitalistic method of accumulating money to empower the future of the co-op's work. But the capital remains inside the co-op under the command of all members. The enterprise cannot be sold to people outside and the possible return of invest is dedicated to those who work, each member one vote. External capital is only accepted as loan without the chance to govern the enterprise by capital.

@kingannoy @aral
In feodalism the same principle of accumulation of capital is used to govern the enterprise by the majority of money, excluding those who work. The capital can be pulled by return on shares an will be used to gain the power over other companies.
It is not the capital but the so called commercial rules which makes the difference. Rulew, which give power to people who do NOT work. We have to change the rules of governance, not the accumulation of capital.

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