Just finished Dishonored 2 for the second time, playing Emily again but this time mercifully (which is way easier when you know how things work from the outset). Can’t wait to play it again as her dad. Can safely say that in over three decades of playing computer games, I’ve never felt the need to play a game again right after completing it, much less twice. What a game! :)

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PS. Was even better the second time through: discovered so many things I’d miss the first time (mostly because I was crapping my pants trying not to get killed).

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@aral Felt the opposite about The Witcher 3. Not that I didn't *absolutely adore* the game. Quite the opposite. I just felt like the story in that was *complete*. The choices and whatnot that I had made in the game felt like the canonical story, and I had no desire to re-explore it. Such a marvelous game.

@aral I'll make sure to look out for you -- several months later :D

@aral That's some high praise. I have to admit: I loved the art style but never even finished Part 1.

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