Just released version 1.0 of JavaScript Database (JSDB).


npm i @small-tech/jsdb


const JSDB = require('@small-tech/jsdb')

const db ='db')

db.people = [ {name: 'Laura', age: 33}, {name: 'Aral', age: 43} ]

db.people.push({name: 'Osky', age: 8})

const youngest = db.people.where('age').isLessThan(10).getFirst().name

console.log(youngest) // Osky

Enjoy and please don’t use it to farm people for data.

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It took a little over a month to create JSDB but it was a worthwhile tangent. I am now working on integrating it into Site.js (

For one thing, it feels good to know that I will never have to struggle with overkill databases created for Big Tech people farming while making simple Small Web sites/apps :)

:awesome: 👍

@aral Hey, Congrats on a 1.0 release! I wish i was doing more JS related work so i could use this!!

@jos Thanks :) Well, it’ll be there should you need it in the future :)

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