Get yourself a terminal emulator made by someone who cares as much as Simon does!

😍 Extraterm

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That looks like a rather nice thing...

However, I just had a quick look at the user guide and saw this: »Selections can be made with the mouse and are automatically copied to the system clipboard.«

I must be this particular kind of oldschool where I avoid the terminal if there's a decent GUi, but I still want my mouse buffer to be separate from the clipboard. And I'm confused every time somebody doesn't recognize that's how it always should be ...

@Mr_Teatime I really like that feature. I find it difficult to use a terminal that doesn’t do that these days :) (It’s not just the mouse buffer, you can select using the keyboard with Extraterm and the same applies there too.)

Selecting with keyboard, and ctrl+cursor keys to jump words etc. is something I'm so used to that I regularly try to do it in a terminal, so that's really welcome. I also love multiple cursors and such, although there are too many different implementations, so I can't remember how to do it in most programs I use.

I prefer mousebuffer separate from clipboard because it lets me drop unformatted text in formatted environments, and select something and replace it with clipboard contents

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