Wishing my friends in the US a safe Election Day and calm days beyond. Here’s hoping, for the sake of the world – including those of us who have no say in this – that you vote Trump out. Then continue to work to change the system so you have better choices in the future.


@aral you sound like you understand U.S. political system better than the overwhelming majority of Americans stuck in the Red vs. Blue state of mind.

US Politics 

@aral @isagalaev How did we end up with a choice between a narcissist and a senile puppet? And four years ago, two candidates that both thought rules didn't apply to them?

Our main parties had decent candidates, but they got filtered out in the primaries. Candidates who emerge from primaries play dirty or pander to their extremes. Or they're puppets with powerful friends. This probably applies globally :(

I blame it all on closed primaries. And I don't see a way out.

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