When building technology, optimise for humanity first. Every other constraint is secondary.

@aral I hate to say it, but you’re reminding me of some of the slogans from big corps lately. Like I think Microsoft went with “People First” for Office ads. 😄

@chartier @aral what is more human than business? instead, i think it's more important to optimize for personal communities, rather than "humanity" or "people"

@cblgh @chartier @aral I agree. Another good litmus test is checking if you're building tech "for" someone(s), especially if said people aren't even involved in the design & building process.

@tty @cblgh @chartier @aral If less than 1/8th of people own a computer and less than half of humanity have access to the internet. I'd say that a technology for humanity that also requires a modern computer to run it on and an internet connection to get it, is an oxymoron.

@neauoire @tty @cblgh @aral This is getting way off the rails, but if we consider smartphones as modern computers (and most people do), I wager that 1/8 number is way, way off the mark.

And so are a lot of our ideas about what a computer is, can do, and how we should design for one.

@chartier Damn, you’ve figured me out. I’ve actually been a billionaire CEO all along :)

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