There wouldn’t be a web today if those of us who learned it with View Source had seen this utter shit-show.

(This is the markup for part of my Twitter feed. Web devs at Twitter, please, take a fucking bow.)


@aral Seems pretty much to work as designed here, in order to prevent people from screen-scraping Twitter, working around its API limitations...? 😉

@aral Meh, a few lines of #Perl can probably still handle this.


But, yeah, with so much code dynamically generated we lost a lot.

You tend to be much more economical with your input when you only have vim or notepad and maybe some simple text substitution macros.

@aral no wonder Twitter is dodgy slow these days. Plus, the unwieldy amounts of JS :birdsite:

@aral I think this is intentional sourcce code obfuscation, yeah webshite though


It's like "Yar's Revenge", but rendered by a really shoddy plumber.

@aral looks like the styled components (CSS in Js) crap you get with current create-react-app. Web-dev went into a deep deep shithole thanks to popular frameworks of big-tech.


I remember face err voldebook err the-social-advertising-surveillancw-network-who-shall-not-be-named used this technique among many others to prevent crawling/scraping feeds.

sadly, with some success. at least i haven't seen any reliable self-hostable fb2rss or similar around generators in the last few years.

Kinda reminds me of the first (and only) Website I worked on directly, in 1999, using the StarOffice editor, before I decided to bite the bullet and just write it by hand so I could know what it was doing and tweak it until it also worked in Opera and Netscape, sometimes even Internet Explorer :)

@aral With the tools of year 2000, a web app like Twitter would be unthinkable. Nobody is supposed to maintain this code as HTML. It's generated.

@marian Big Tech is as Big Tech does. The main takeaway is that we shouldn’t be building apps like Twitter. We should be building human-scale apps. Dare I say… the Small Web :) (

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