Yeah, svelte@next (aka SvelteKit) is the bee’s knees.

I’m just playing around with it but I can’t imagine the actual index page of being all that more complicated than the few lines of code in the screenshot. The other screenshot is a quick prototype of the domain picker component.

While their focus is on so-called “serverless”, I’m interested in seeing how it can be used for (where you own your own server) :)

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@aral nice! I’ve played around with svelte in the past and although I really like the approach I found it a bit cumbersome especially when I tried using typescript. Nice to see that they streamlined all that and also still support bundling static Webapps.

@aral what's the $components/ syntax doing? I'm assuming you've got local modules or something; I'd like to learn more about the approach and how to do that :)

@aral It’s pretty snazzy looking. I dunno if I want to give up Typescript for it, but I’ve been interested ever since I learned that was a Svelte app.

@aral Oh wait, it’s a successor with TS support?! Super interested now.

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