So CommonJS → ECMAScript Modules is an IPv6-level clusterfuck, then, eh?

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@aral Any attempt to get JavaScript developers to pause and think about longer-term consequences will be met with apathy and twelve new ways to poorly accomplish the same thing.

@aral Pretty much, yeah. You can use ES modules in Node, but then a bunch of stuff stops working (like __dirname, automatically figuring out the .js file extension when you do `import './foo'`, synchronous `require()`, `require.resolve()`…).

I expect we'll still be living with CJS for at least the next five years

the parallel is all too real. we could all be better, make things ok.

but we won't. intransigent stuck slow forces will gripe & slow & pull & nag at us, suck energy, resist, fight, scream.

this time we won't even have the carriers to blame. it will be small little pockets of developers all over, insisting there are very good reasons why they will refuse to move forward.

a long time ago, there was a campaign to get node.js to move forward: #nodefwd. today we need a #jsforward. glad node is trying to bring some #harmony to the situation, but wow, there is a lot of baggage they are also trying to drag along too.

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