Realising there’s next to no info on accessibility of commandline apps anywhere. (Got to thinking about it after realising that column-wrapping text on CLIs is inaccessible.)

A StackOverflow question on the subject didn’t meet their guidelines. 🤔

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The best solution I have for this at the moment (given that there’s no way to detect whether a screenreader is in use using Node.js as far as I can see), is to default to not wrapping the help content I’m printing out by default (so it is accessible) and adding a --wrap option that does wrap it.

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So this is how I finally ended up implementing the wrap feature on the Help screen: as an option. By default, the screen is accessible (doesn’t wrap lines) and it only wraps if you pass the --wrap option.

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@aral As a screen reader user myself, this is one of the most common miss-conceptions I here of in the tech sphere. Sure, completely text based apps can do pretty well, but add ncurses or some funky unicode in there and things get messy. Ultimately wrapped text isn't a huge issue, as you can just cursor through it, but I appreciate you taking the time to fix it anyway.

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