Ah, the latest joyous thing to happen to my Linux dev machine is now, when I return to it after suspending it, I find it logged out and all my apps shut down. Fun!


(Only happens after leaving it for an extended period of time. Not if I suspend it and then immediately start using it again.) Oh well, another thing to track down and debug… actual work? Who has to do that when you can spend all your time fixing your operating system? (It teaches you so much from what I hear…)

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@aral interesting! I’ve Fedora, I put it on suspend overnight & it does log me out & it takes a minute or two to even turn on but all my things are there

@sidd_harth0_5h4h Hmm… oh well, all those moving parts, I guess it could be anything. Will try to narrow it down when I’m not actually trying to get work done :)

@aral hi, maybe you can find in the kernel ring buffer some usefull information?

sudo dmesg -wH

@nemo Thanks, will keep an eye on it. There’s a lot of stuff in there :)

@aral sudo tail -f /var/log/kern.log

And/or sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

Both commands will give you live verbose output, like dmesg -wH

Yes there is a lot stuff in it but I find it in most cases very useful, especially when I troubleshoot disk or usb stuff

sudo dmesg -wH

stick in your device an usb or disk device and é voilá if there is a issue you get immediately a response *over and out* 😃 👍

@nemo @aral I hate it when my computer freezes and I haven't saved my Word Perfect file to the floppy disk!

That is cool, though, I will check that stuff out in the shell. I sometimes have this problem. I always install like 7 or 8 desktop environments and window managers on my machine, and I think that some of the desktop managers maybe have weird or conflicting settings?

@aral I've found this source two years ago I'm sure that you can benefit from this


This dude seems to be a high tier devop and he currated a sheetload of cheet sheets and usefull additional sources, again you're welcome check it out😃 👍

@aral I immediately suspect systemd bullshittery.

Other places to look:


Might also check the X session manager configs. That's usually the process ending in 'dm' on yuour system, e.g., kdm, gdm, litedm.

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