When you call yourself “free and open source” and you’re a raging surveillance capitalist.

Hey, FOSS Post, you’re a bit shit, aren’t you, darling?

@aral The tone of voice of that pop up says it all. Quite arrogant!
Good example of how some so-called FOSS people are in reality an even worse copy of the monsters they claim to battle against.

@aral "Look at all this you are getting for free, please pay us"

@aral that amount of 3rd party requests... Yuck!

@aral try using Ghostery. It is much better than uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus

@aral "that's quite the Hypocrisy, darling."

Still, good thing that we can 1. Disable Javascript coming from known trackers and 2. Block trackers via hosts file so that even when suckers like this get us down we still have defense in layers.

@aral were those the only trackers they could find? Seems very limited. Maybe I should ask them to use the full set of IAB and other partners... 😏

@aral this shit pisses me off to no end, it's this like gross techbro opportunistic foss usage that doesn't actually accomplish any of the philosophical goals

same goes things like for telegram and signal being hostile to clients that support multiple servers honestly

and every foss project using slack or discord

@lunch Agree. Just because something is “free and open” doesn’t mean that it’s not colonial. You have to design speficially for the latter.

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