You know, @elementary are doing everything right (their focus on privacy, having control of the desktop environment, the potential for creating a sustainable app ecosystem, etc.) and I consider it a personal failing that I haven’t given it more of a chance personally.

Going to remedy that soon… maybe I’ll start by playing with their upcoming 6.0 release on my PineBook Pro :)


I just ordered a Star LapTop Mk IV with elementary OS pre-installed to use as my daily driver going forward. I also started a small monthly sponsorship on behalf of Small Technology Foundation and look forward to playing with it on the PineBook too and helping out where I can :)

* * *

The link below includes @elementary’s reference code in the link – the one on the link on their store – in case they need it to get paid on any purchases this toot might result in:

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@aral @elementary Oooh! Looks like System76 has some real competition now.

@vertigo @elementary That’s what I hope. Will see today. Do they sell a laptop that they slap an OS on or do they sell an @elementary laptop. The difference will mean everything :)

@aral @elementary US keyboard with i7 is sold out. UK keyboard with i7 is still available.

@Jelv @elementary Ah, yes, I ordered the UK keyboard. Might as well while it’s still a thing :)

@Jelv @elementary I just tried and I was able to add one to my basket. Weird.

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