Hey @conservancy,

Nothing says “freedom” like having a trillion-dollar surveillance capitalist as your main sponsor.

(CC Mozilla)

@aral @conservancy
Every project needs to stop being "apolitical" and start being a humane.
We need more compasionate projects and people in the world that think of the results and the roots of their work.
Code and projects in general don't exist in a bubble.

This guy looks like they had to surgically remove the trilby hat from his skull in order to take the photo.

@aral @conservancy I understand your point, but In order to hold a candle to these massive corporations It makes sense to get whatever funding you can as long as they don't have a say over the project. You should spread more time attacking for-profit corporation rather nonprofit trying to make enough to maintain everything.

@Main_Tomato @aral @conservancy

That arrangement is reminiscent of naval profiteers, to some extent. Since you can't take them all on, you accept support from one faction to go after their enemies. Guess what happens when your sponsor no longer feels the need to have you around.

@aral @conservancy I think Conservancy should drop associations with Google. This would have been a controversial opinion a few years ago, but now it's much less so.

There's no doubt that in the world of tech, having almost all organizations and conferences sponsored by Google is having bad effects.

Check out our Form 990 (you really should — for us and all US orgs)! We receive much more from individuals than Google! lists hundreds alphabetically, w/ big donations from individuals like
and charities like ARDC (who gave a sizable grant for #GPL enforcement) and
@Mozilla. … (1/3)

… and, we criticize Google for bad acts, including #DRM & proprietary software. In fact, we're the only #FOSS org to call out Google for widevine: . We'd never let a donor influence our mission & positions — that's immoral & illegal … (2/3)

… We're glad our current corporate donors recognize the value of our work & even they expect us to criticize them. In the past, donors have pulled funding when they couldn't influence our work or get us to refrain from being critical, but that's funding we definitely don't want. (3/3)

@conservancy Do you know Googles motivation to support you?

@aral @conservancy i don't think they get anything other than advertising over this though. sfconservancy is mostly a thing where projects can borrow a certified 501(c) for donations.

@aral Who is it that develops the V8 JS engine that your node.js projects run on? Where is it that you host your code? Is that "freedom"?

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