Watch me present a live talk “Towards a Small Web” to students at the Howest design/development programme in Kortrijk tomorrow (Friday, Dec 4) at 2PM Irish time/3PM Belgian time.

I will be demonstrating a very early proof-of-concept on for the first time (setting up your own small web server in ~30 seconds).

Watch live at:

This is today 👆

Hope to see some of you there :)

@aral So si this going to be using free java rater thanwhat the @fsf_channel refer to as non free javascript so freedom repecting

@zleap @fsf_channel Nearly everything we do is released under AGPLv3 including the JS.

@aral Great talk Aral, despite people trying to sabotage you🤩 😎 👍 You have my highest respect.🙏

@aral I thank you man honestly❤️❤️❤️ I've even downloaded the disturbance vid to get some info's about the perpetrator I can share the meta information if you need it

@aral Un fricking believable man you try to give the world some love and share your awesome project and people just…

Ok I don't want to keep you away you are a bussy man *over and out*🤩 😎 🙏 👍

@aral I caught the tail end (as Nemo mentioned it...) and am wondering if you'll have the full thing on peertube or similar soon?

(I basically caught the thanks, and the preparation for the next discussion (: So, ok, maybe I missed the sabotage attempts... (: )

I'll watch! I'm fooling around with SiteJS now and wonder if it is possible to blend .hugo with .dynamic and, if possible, how. Can't find examples on this specific scenario. @aral

@rsolva Hey, Ruben. Just do it. It should just work :)

@aral Will be interesting how many students take the idea further.

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