Ready for my talk for the design/development students at Howest.

Will be showing a very early proof of concept of Small Web server setup for the first time.

3PM Belgian time.

Watch live at:

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

(Skip the first two minutes it you don’t want to hear my Vimeo rant as they had me scrambling at the last minute to set up a new stream. Not sure if it’s busted on Firefox on Linux or what.)

Love the way the presentation blended in seamlessly, and the whole "stack" looks like it's really going somewhere, even to my non-webdev eyes. I hope that this will come wrapped in a friendly GUI at some point. One button to set up a personal facebooky page, plus a few other templates for the accordingly inclined

Also liked the shenanigans from the students, they were definitely enjoying themselves :) Just the one person at the end was overdoing it a little...


@Mr_Teatime Thanks! And yes, that’s the goal.

(Also, I don’t think that was a student; it was open for all to watch) :)

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