Small is Beautiful – live stream on Small Tech and Small Web, episode 1 will start in ~ 80 minutes.

With special guest Daniel Foré, founder of elementary OS.

Watch live at:

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Starting at the top of the hour, in ~20 minutes.

If you have a webcams and headphones and want to join us in the (virtual) studio, you can at the discussion we’re going to have at the end. We’ll give out to the studio’s address during the stream :)

You can watch the recording of the first stream anytime at

Thanks again to @danrabbit for joining us and to @adamprocter and our other studio guests for taking part in the discussion.

Join us again next week. Same time, same place for more :)

@aral @danrabbit @adamprocter

I agree that those who want to contribute need to make a living, I am trying to contribute to Libreoffice docs, and other projects, but I need to earn money.

@aral @danrabbit @adamprocter

I am kinda looking at liberapay and stripe but worried about tax, at least If I am on PAYE I don't need to worry about that. It would be good if people like the good things foundation ( I e-mailed them on this earlier ) could offer free software options so a course on Mastodon so people have choice, that needs people from here (even though they can use the site) to ask for courses, so the demand is generated,

@aral Thanks for the video. Now I want to try elementaryOS and various linux laptops. 😁

@aral @danrabbit @adamprocter

Great first episode, I see some real potential in this system, I also see some potential as an alternative to LinkedIn networking without al the extra baggage.

#smallweb #networking

@Aral Balkan @Laura Kalbag Congratulations on a well done first episode! This was very interesting!
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