So I don’t use Chrome but I have Ungoogled Chromium ( as certain things only work under Chrom(ium) and I only just realised Google requires a Google account to install extensions.


Hint: You can bypass this restriction using this the Ungoogled Extension Installer:

The lengths we have to go to in order to protect our privacy from basic everyday things is ridiculous. We need fundamental change. Surveillance capitalism needs to die.

@aral do you have examples that work only on chrome(ium)? I use exclusively Firefox and I haven't had any issues for some times.

@paulrbr Not off the top of my head but I do run into them from time to time (needless to say, they don’t end up being things I keep using). Why I’m using it right now though is because Firefox cannot screen share only one of your screens and I need that for my tech setup for the stream tonight.

@paulrbr @aral not doesn't work, but if you open a few reddit video tabs FF slows down but chromium doesn't.
Using FF by default though

BigBlueButton, Jitsi are running better on Chromium. LifeSize will work only under Google Chrom on Debian..On arch it is working under chromium as well. So videoconferencing systems is the only to use chromium

@joerg @aral oh really ? I exclusively use Firefox for BigBlueButton conferences and didn't have any issues whats so ever (mic, camera, screen sharing, all work without any issues)

With only a few people it is fine. With > 15 we had a lot of connection losses for all participants. 1 firefox and the whole meeting was unstable

@joerg @paulrbr Probably because it doesn’t have simulcast support for Firefox. Jitsi had (has?) the same issue and I know there were working on it.

Is that still the case? I had read on the BBB pahes this spring that FF was notnworking as well as Chrome, but a few weeks ago it said that both were working well. Was hoping that either BBB had adapted or FF caught up.

@paulrbr @aral

@Mr_Teatime @joerg @aral as said in previous tweets I really have no troubles using FF for visio conferences from 2 to 10 people on BBB (on instances from

#Gemini is certainly a solution !
I'm tired of this sh**ty web too

These options do not protect you from tracking.
And it's completly silly to use huge software to download huge web site and to prune them from malicious code. Bandwidth and CPU usage for that is an aberration.
Gemini permits to get directly only what you need, information.

@jpfox I just had to ssh into a server to try out their clients. I’m not entirely sure they’re aiming for everyday people to use this as an everyday thing :)

@aral @jpfox The clients-over-ssh demo is not with the best clients (none of those I use, anyway). #Gemini is protocol+format, not software, and the clients wlll improve. (When I showed the Web to people with lynx, they did not understand its potential either.)

@aral @jpfox And, anyway, #Gemini is still experimental and the idea is to explore alternatives (instead of just ranting "the Web is awful").



Here is a list of gemini client:


this one is shorter but available using http:

Remember that you can also view gemini pages using a proxy like:

Hope this helps! :)

@cage Thanks, will check it out. Appreciate your time.



> @cage [1] Thanks, will check it out. Appreciate your time.

You're welcome! I hope you are going to enjoy gemini, it is simple and
fun to use and even implement (in my opinion of course)! :)


@aral They are like the borg you get assimilated by google, MS, Facebook

I wonder if the people who designed the bill gates / locutus graphic for sourceforge (or one of the websites) back in the 90's somehow fortold the future where these big tech companies just grab you and make it harder to let go.


>I only just realised Google requires a Google account to install extensions

where do you see that? i can just hit "install" in the "store"

fully agree on the last paragraph!

@davidak @aral Same here, tested with Chromium without a signed in Google Account.

@aral yeah — I’ve gone with Firefox as my main browser, and ungoogled as my “alternate” if it doesn’t work under Firefox. Along with a couple of extensions and the ghack user.js, it works reasonably well.

@aral : "The lengths we have to go to in order to protect our privacy from basic everyday things is ridiculous. We need fundamental change. Surveillance capitalism needs to die."

Hear! Hear!

@aral it pains me to watch people putting themselves through these contortions when Firefox is right over there.

@aral Not to put too fine a point on this, but everyone who's doing all this performative work to get something chrome-like to respect their privacy and agency instead of switching browsers is actively making the ecosystem worse by showing the webdev community that it's fine to ignore all those other browsers.

@mhoye I know. And to think people use Firefox (by a company that gets half a billion dollars a year from Google) when Epiphany is right there (oh, damn, by an organisation that has Google on its advisory board)… umm… Lynx FTW! :)

This is happening more often now. Companies don't want to spend the time/money to make sure they're compatible with the real world.

There's an extension I need for work purposes. I couldn't get it to run under Ungoogled Chromium. Turns out they rely on some Google spyware for some functionality. I had to install Chrome just for that.

It's just like the old days when they assumed that the world ran on Internet Explorer and used the Microsoft-only extensions to HTML.

@aral Chromium sucks. Photos are not rendered precisely. If you put one with 900 pixel width to your html code, it actually displays with 901 pixel width, which causes some slight blurriness. I first thought, this was Vivaldi's fault, which I reported to them. I took me some time to convince them, that this glitch is not on my side. Now I added, that I found it in Chromium too. I have no Idea, if they filed a bug to Chromium devs. - I once noticed a similar effect with one of GIMP's scaling Interpolation methods. I did not report, but it's no longer used in newer GIMP versions. Am I the only one who cares about photo quality on web pages?

@vegos_f05 if you would like to off on a tangent, Alvy Ray Smith's memo might be a good read:
A Pixel is not a little square

Maybe it's not related to that 901 pixel "width" image, but it's a nice piece of work IMO.


@aral @andre @vegos_f05 Thanks, will read it. See also "dpi" (dots per inch)... a measurement unit! There lies the Hund buried.

I was trying same thing few days ago. Yes, installing extensions is quite tricky.

I am using FF as main browser but for work I need to use GoToMeeting which is not working with FF. So I am using brave just for that.

Testing ungoogled chromium now if it is OK and looks promising

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