A reminder that our weekly Small Tech / Small Web live stream, Small is Beautiful, is tomorrow (Thursday) at 5PM Irish time (UTC).

You can join us in the studio to ask live questions or join the conversation so have your webcam and headphones ready.



Sadly, we’re cancelling this as our web host has suffered a distributed denial of service attack and things are still shaky with a couple of hours to go.

We might reschedule or pick things up again next year.

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@aral have you considered running this episode via owncast.online ?

@martyn Afaik, you can’t have guests with that, can you?

@aral you would have to have them via another video chat that you import into obs. I've seen this done with discord to great effect on platforms like twitch. Alternatively multiple instances of it and import their stream into your obs. Lag there would be painful though so perhaps get audio a different way to reduce that.

@martyn @aral I'm not sure what conferencing solution you use, but I know some offer a feature of sending your conference to an external streaming provider (like your owncast server). Might be something to look into! owncast.online/docs/broadcasti

@aral Ok no problem, hopefully you're not down too long.

@aral I'll definitely be waiting for the second episode. :)

@aral oh thats annoying was ready and waiting, hopefully you can pick back up in Jan.

@adamprocter Sorry, no one expects the Spanish DDoS (I have no idea if it was Spanish) :)

@aral This is sad Aral😱 🤦‍♂️

I'm citing you, because of reasons like this. We can't have nice things😥 🤦‍♂️

@aral OK🤩 👍 Don't give up 🙏 😎

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