“A female colleague and [I] had dared to discuss wage transparency and gender pay gap in the office … Unfortunately we miscalculated – our boss Matthias was beyond furious. After that office meeting, he told my colleague ‘there will be consequences.’ … I want to expose the hypocrisy and double standards in FSFE leadership. How the organisation ‘promoting’ transparency, equality and inclusivity treats employees and more specifically women.”

@aral The fact that this resulted in a court case is indeed very disturbing. Looks like a lot of time which could have been used to resolve internal conflict was wasted.

And an employer showing up at the doorstep of an employee to collect a fucking laptop is not just ridiculous, it is outright irresponsible behaviour which easily escalates into harassment even if there were good intentions (such as an intention to finally mend the relationship).

@aral Well what Matthias did there, is utterly disgusting! And borderline childish. Especially for a person in his position🤢 😡 🤦‍♂️

@nemo @aral I would say it's horrible, despicable and probably utterly illegal. Childish? No, children are generally better than that.
I have felt for quite a while that something is off with FSFE, I think we kinda need to find a way to dethrone this jerk.


The only good news I've read in 2020 was "page not found".

@aral I absolutely do not like what I read about @fsfe and especially @kirschner.

Waiting for a response of them to clear things up, but if it’s true what I read I am lost for words and hope there will be at least an apology and fixes of unacceptable behaviors at the Berlin office.

That’s not what I thought the FSFE stands for.

@rysiek @hansvurst @aral @fsfe @kirschner

I've worked at enough left-leaning organisations, progressive research institutions and outfifts pursuing worthy causes to know they attract some utterly foul people.

Wow, this is just beyond the pale. I clicked and I was expecting to read about a persistent wage gap, only so much money to go around, certain key employees are good negotiators etc.

I was not expecting to read about a power-crazed boss.

This is something the @fsfe should be responding to immediately because unless these allegations are just outright false (which looks very unlikely) there is no possible "other side of the story" which could justify such actions.

@cjd @fsfe These are my thoughts also. Looking forward to hearing their response.

@aral @fsfe Guess I'll seize my donations until at least Kirschner left the president's position...

@aral "Freedom is not just about software licenses – it’s about social justice. I fully expect @fsfe and @fsf to address this matter transparently and openly and to tell us what steps they are taking to address the issues of gender and foreign employee pay gaps."

Exactly this, thank you.

@Gina @aral Even when people disagree about the social justice angle (which I think is possible in many different ways because it's so wide a term): FSFE appears to promote that angle themselves, so that's the standard they're supposed to uphold.

Of course, they could flat out state that different pay by gender or nationality is the hill they intend to die on, but at least it's clear then what to make of them.
@aral woah, that's incredible. where can we read the court case? i think it's important that we have this to push against the fsfe if they are not living up to the ideals they claim to espouse.

@aral Matthias sounds like a right wanker. Sadly, his kind abound in all management positions, regardless of sector.

@shit @aral Agreed, read the article and it is dumb bitchy and whiny, and she seems like a real cunt
@shit @aral will never understand why feminists and leftists want to work somewhere they aren't welcome
@aral @shit She doesn't appear to be a programmer either

@shit @aral from what i read i just kept chanting based, he saw what they were trying to do >For 3 months I was pushing for time to launch a newsletter survey as an attempt to make qualitative improvements, but my effort was labelled as “not necessary”. :kek: BASED

@aral Problem is we have the same old business models / attitudes at the top clearly.

@aral ah, pity, comes 1 week too late. paid my annual fee then.
This no good. bearish on fsfe.

@aral We will publish a statement soon on this post of 20 December, once we are confident that we protect the privacy and moral integrity of all persons involved, including our current or former employees.

@fsfe Looking forward to reading it. And I hope that you will address the issue of pay transparency and the reported treatment of one of your employees.

@aral @fsfe they've just got to run it by their lawyers first

Here is the statement by @fsfe addressing allegations of institutional sexism. To me it reads like empty slogans and nothing else.


@felix @fsfe Ditto. Also, can’t find that linked anywhere on the site.

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